We strive to become a true leader and innovator by providing an environment that will produce an academically potent, and economically viable generation of gifted learners through innovative curricular activities that balance meaningful inquiry into core academic subjects and arts.

While maintaining moral values, the African leadership academy (ALASS) is also established to enhance the government of Liberia’s policy of basic education programs specific to the needs of Liberians to enable them to become valuable members of society in which they will contribute and derive an optimum of social and economic benefits.

In fulfillment of these options, the school seeks to promote moral discipline in addition to academic and skills training, sound social adjustment, and good citizenship for all of its students. 

Our mission is to provide a differentiated program designed specifically to meet the academic and life skills needs of both privileged and underprivileged Liberian kids as well as discover gifted learners and create and encourage a life-long learning opportunity.

•  English
•  Mathematics
•  Phonics
•  Writing
•  Reading

•  Vocabulary
•  General Science
•  Social Studies
•  French
•  History 

•  Geography
•  Computer Science
•  Moral Education
•  Physical Education
•  Arts & Crafts 

African Leadership Academy School System 


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